Ultimate Travel Gift Guide 2017


    ‘Tis the season to find actually good things to buy for your most likely minimal travel friends, siblings, significant others, or kids. As someone who’s constantly telling people that the only thing I like to receive are experiences, I’ve thought long and hard about material things that actually do make a difference. Here are my favorite gift ideas for any traveler in your life.

    Fluent City Lessons

    fluent city

    For some reason, I feel like I’ve learned more after graduating college, than when I was actually paying $50,000 a year to learn. That’s thanks to cutting edge companies like Fluent City, who pride themselves on teaching in an easy to grasp way, with teachers you actually like. If you follow us on instagram, (@damonandjo), maybe you watched our Skype lessons with our Spanish, French, and Portuguese teachers. Here’s a gift that keeps on giving. Especially since you’ll be able to better understand all of our multi-lingual videos!

    Gift French Online Lessons

    The Essential Traveler’s Notebook


    Much like all other travelers, I’m a sucker for a good notebook. You’ll be spinning with all the thoughts in your mind at any given moment when you’re wanderlusting. This my friends is exactly why most of us carry good notebooks. Here’s a solid choice, shoot, I might even put it on my personal “must buy” list. And yes, it may be a little pricey, but if you make it a point to write in it often, you’ll tell stories you’ll be sure to keep forever.

    Here’s another, cheaper option at $18.99

    #Woke E-Book


    This year was the year we wrote an e-book to help you stay #woke. Giving the gift of a little awareness was always a good idea. Plus, use code BLACKFRIYAY to get $2 off the e-book during Black Friday!

    On the Go Utensil Kit


    Every traveler has experienced that inconvenient moment when you just bought food, but left the store without picking up utensils. Or when you swear the hostel has forks, and they somehow don’t. Don’t let yourself go hungry, and have this nifty kit with you at all times. Only thing missing in my opinion? A wine opener.


    For the super earthy types, here’s a bamboo set for $16.94:

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