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    Ode To My 2016 Disposable Camera

    90s wtf photo | Disposable Cameras

    You can take 50 photos on your iPhone in two seconds; so why spend a month of waiting and $20 on a few photos from a disposable camera?

    It’s the inexplicable feeling you get when you arrive at the photo store. You give your name. The photo technician sifts through everyone’s photos and hands you a package. You act nonchalant, throw out a Thank you, and try to hold your composure when inside you’re dying to sprint outside and rip the package to pieces out of anxiety. When the moment comes, you open up the package, and you see the negatives of the film and the first photo card with all 27 exposures on it. If it’s anything like ours, a quarter of the photos are completely black, because you’re that bad of a photographer (hah). You flip it to the back so as to not spoil the surprise of all the photos you took over the past month or two.

    You see the first photo and you smile. It’s unedited, unplanned and that’s what make it’s special. It was the moment and there are no re-dos.

    To me, that’s how photography should be.

    Exploring Thai Waterfalls | Disposable Camera

    My Ukrainian AirBNB host toured me around the island of Phuket on his motorbike and we ended up at this waterfall…technically, I think we were trespassing?

    Jo's morning wear | Disposable Camera

    One of our last days in our apartment in Los Angeles. Still don’t know how those plants in the background survived throughout all of our absences. You can see a bit of our bicycles – our main mode of transportation in LA – magnets on our fridge from our travels, and all of the cheapest IKEA furniture, so we could spend our money on our travels.

    San Francisco parents | Disposable Camera

    So surprised this shot came out perfectly, especially after we asked the woman taking the shot if she could take another one on our DSLR to tweet out immediately. She agreed and angled the camera so it put us in the middle – blocking the entire Golden Gate bridge. At least we got this one! Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess? Continue Reading

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    Freaking Out in Phuket

    My first few hours in Phuket were unexpectedly filled with a lot of adventure. My taxi driver had no clue where my AirBNB was, so I guided him street-by-street with my GPS. I don’t blame…


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