How to Sound Cooler in French

By On September 22, 2014

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high school

What We Were Like in High School

By On September 21, 2014

Since most YouTubers are high schoolers, we decided we’d play a little trivia game on our high school lives. Subscribe, share, comment, and like!  … Read More


The 40-Euro Mistake You Can and Should Avoid

By On September 19, 2014

After my girlfriends and I had spent six perfect days roaming Rome on our post-grad vacation, we were ready to head to the next item in our itinerary – the Tuscan countryside.… Read More

homeless in D.C.

Homeless in D.C.

By On September 18, 2014

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what is shut up and go

What is Shut Up and Go?

By On September 7, 2014

Dear DamonAndJo supporters, After two years of busting our a$$es and following our passion of showing young people that they CAN actually see the world on a dime, we finally made it to… Read More


Ten Very Blunt Study Abroad Tips

By On September 7, 2014

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How We Got to DC for $8

By On August 27, 2014

When we found a $8 roundtrip ticket from New York City to Washington DC, we knew it’d be dumb to NOT go. Watch how ugly we look in the morning and learn… Read More