Shut Up and Go
New York City

The Coolest Things to Do Around Harlem’s 125th Street

By On December 19, 2014

Where to grab a coffee, chat with friends, read your favorite book: Lenox Coffee [60 West 129th Street] I used to be a hardcore deli coffee guy until I decided to check out this… Read More

Language Learning

Movies to Get You Pumped Up for Travel

By On December 9, 2014

We get it. You’re addicted to Netflix. THE LANGUAGE BUFF L’auberge Espagnole, Les Poupées Russes, Casse-Tête Chinois These are, without a doubt, my favorite travel and language movies of all time. They follow Xavier,… Read More


Lovers or Friends?

By On December 6, 2014

People constantly ask us if we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, lovers or friends, husband and wife… the answer is in this short video where we answer your FAQ’s and break it down for… Read More

French Lesson

If You Want to Sound French, Learn These Words

By On December 6, 2014

All those words you learn from a textbook that the French actually don’t use. Here’s a list.   Subscribe to our mailing list!… Read More

Life Stories

30 Odd Jobs, 30 Life Lessons, as a 20something

By On December 4, 2014

Damon always jokes because he claims I’d win on survivor… and he’s probably right because I am one crafty mofizzer. I owe it all to working 30+ odd jobs in less than… Read More

Life Stories

Traveling for Adventure VS Traveling for Vacation

By On November 29, 2014

I recently joined my mom and my grandma Bernie in good ol’ Treasure Island, Florida for a week of, what my mom repeated about 10 times, “laying by the pool and reading… Read More

shut up and go

1 Minute of Shutting Up and Going

By On November 13, 2014

We’ve created not only a lifestyle, but a movement of shutting up and going. This series is for those who’s hearts are bursting with wanderlust, for those who need an extra push… Read More