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10 Ways to Actually Grow Your YouTube Channel

By September 25, 2015 YouTube

After what felt like 10 years, we finally hit a huge milestone for our YouTube channel: 100,000 subscribers! As you can imagine, we’re stoked and so appreciative, and we also wanted to take the time to tell you partly how we took our channel form plateau-ing at 4,000 last December to tripling in the past few months – so you can do it too.

Don’t waste your time trying to get someone who never watches YouTubers to watch you


Get people who already watch YouTube to watch your videos. While your family and close friends will watch and support you, the bulk of your YouTube channel will be from people around the world who you’ve never met. You have to target the community already existing within YouTube. The more you watch other YouTubers, the more you’ll realize how addicted people get to YouTube – and you will probably turn into one of these people, just like we did.

Comment on other users’ channels


No one will just stumble upon your freshly-started channel. You have to comment everyone and everywhere, and comment cleverly so people will click your thumbnail and be redirected back to your channel.

Comment on recently-uploaded videos

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25 Quintessential Study Abroad Moments You’ll Experience in Paris

By September 23, 2015 France

Ahhh, a semester in Paris – as cliché as it gets for the American studying abroad, but also cliché for a good reason. Look up any Best Places to Study Abroad list on Google and you’re bound to find Paris in the top 5. Scratch that – top 3. Here are the 25 quintessential study abroad moments you’ll experience in Paris – if you didn’t, you didn’t do it right.

It’s Thursday night and you’ve ended up at Café Oz, Mixclub, Rue de la Roquette, or at Concorde Atlantique for an Erasmus night


You think you’re cute for going to a museum on the first Sunday of the month cuz it’s free, when you can actually go any day since you’re not only a student, but also under 26

All your paper will look like this


Your diet consists of jambon beurres and Orangina from CROUS

You’ll go to the American Church and/or scour the FUSAC classifieds for English babysitting gigs only to see everyone and their mom doing the same thing

IMG_5283 copy

You made your Photomaton picture your Facebook profile photo

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Not Better or Worse, Just Different

By September 17, 2015 Locals of, Minimalism

Why do we constantly feel the need to compare one thing to the next? That’s as dumb as trying to fit a triangle in a square hole, it doesn’t make sense.

My friends and family came to visit from the East Coast, and as they went back home it left me thinking; will we ever stop comparing locations and people to one another?

“When it rains in New York the city doesn’t shut down” or “Wow, I could never stand the huge rats of NYC, we don’t have that here” and even “The tap water tastes so crappy here, that’s why we’re lucky in New York.” Things are different, and there’s something to love about that.

On a more shallow note and for the sake of visual stimulation: you can sip an iced coffee to cool off during an LA winter, or drink a hot coffee to warm up during a NYC winter. There are various reasons to love both; #1 reason, coffee is amazing in all temperatures.


And have we ever questioned the fact that we were raised to pick favorites? “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite number?” “What’s your favorite sports team?” Because people were so uncreative with asking meaningful questions when trying to get to know us that they forced us to pick favorites.

But hold up: what if there were no favorites, and things simply just were? Maybe we could actually start appreciating things for their authentic selves; people, locations, and beyond. What a #Mindbanger.

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Let Me Go to San Diego

By September 16, 2015 USA

I finally made it to the lower part of SoCal where I’ve been meaning to go for over three years. There’s been a “thing” (not that thing like in the doo wop song) set in my mind that San Diego would put an instant smile on my face, but for some reason I never found the right excuse to take a day or weekend trip. Like geez, maybe shut up and go Jo?

Luckily, I moved to Los Angeles so I don’t need much of an excuse to head down South for a break, and to top it off, one of my dearest friends moved there for grad school last year. To add to the party, my other best friend from New York came in for the weekend making it an ultimate girls’ trip of splurging and purging… on the latest of the late college gossip.


I first had this impression that the Amtrak train down South would be a super cheap, until I saw $37 each way… oh hawwlllll nawww.

After a bit of research: “dirt cheap way to get to San Diego from LA without a car,” I found a round trip bus ticket for $30 bucks and booked within the minute.

A quick bus trip from Union Station got me towards downtown San Diego and just like that we were all in the middle of town hugging it out in a somewhat sketchy bus station. Travel tip: the cheaper the fare, the sketchier the stations will most likely be, unless you got a flash deal or something.

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