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12 Tips for Going the Distance, the Long Distance

By August 27, 2015 Life Stories

It’s Saturday morning, daylight peers through sheer curtains in your bedroom window. You’re snuggled up with your sigfig (significant other), rolling around in the bliss of morning breath, kisses, and a little bit of thigh sweat from the body pretzel you’re in and you think “damn, I’m in love.”

You say “damn” for a few reasons:

1. You actually let yourself fall in love, even after dating all the scrubs who almost made you think for a split second you wouldn’t find someone amazing.

2. It feels really good.

but at the same time, 3. You know that the following thought will haunt you for the rest of your relationship: The thing about loving someone when you have the burning desire to travel the world, is that it’s going to hurt like hell every time you go away.

Just one glance at your boo and your emotions will be duking it out in a boxing match; Your feeling of joy and happiness that they’re in your life VS. The thought of when you have to say a painful goodbye and get on a plane to some far away place without them.


And don’t think I forgot what I said in the “Tips to Studying Abroad” video… “if you’re in a relationship, BREAK UP.” I’ll keep it real; I’m a hypocrite cause ya girl is guilty of not doing exactly what she said you should do; aka, I’m whipped. If you find someone who’s worth the work, you shouldn’t throw out your relationship because you booked a plane ticket, unless you really feel like it, then guhbye.

But this blog isn’t about the easy way out, it’s for when you don’t want to choose between feeding your soul by traveling, or feeding your heart by letting yourself be in love, so you’ve now decided to do both. Welcome to the hazy rollercoaster of a long distance relationship.


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45 Minutes at the LACMA

By August 26, 2015 USA

There’s something to love about museums – whether we get them or not – about the way they surround you with beauty and talent, provoke your way of thinking, and ok let’s be real, how most of the time, you just get pissed off trying to understand how three stripes of paint on a canvas is supposed to be art with a deep meaning.

But that’s the thing.

You have to have the right attitude before going into museums. If you go in whining about how three stripes of paint on a canvas is not art, then you might as well not even go in; that’s probably all you’ll find. Think of it as improving your Room Score like you would on The Sims. Skip over the art that you could have made yourself and find the corners of the museum that interest you. For me, that means heading straight to the pop art, but not so far as contemporary art, which can get a bit too in the clouds for me.

Los Angeles is not a city that screams art culture and museums, but the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) does tend to make it on all of the top ten lists of Los Angeles – and therefore, a place we needed to check out. After boogie boarding in Santa Monica, and thrifting at Melrose, it was time for another change of pace. That, and we really just wanted to take advantage of the free admission to the LACMA after 3pm on weekdays with our freshly-arrived California driver’s licenses.

One thing that’s important to know is that the LACMA is not one building with one museum, but rather a campus of different buildings with different art installations in each. We only had 45 minutes to check it out, so we headed straight to the Urban Light, the pop art from Mr. Roy Lichtenstein, a yellow rope interactive piece, and the vintage California posters.

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The Good Kind of Vintage at Melrose Trading Post

By August 24, 2015 USA

If there’s one thing I do not like about moving into new apartments, it’s furnishing them. Well, no, no, no – not furnishing them, but paying for the furniture. Nothing like swiping your debit card for $650 for a couch, a table and chairs, some kitchen appliances, and maybe a blanket or so. Like, do you know how much traveling you can get for $650? This is why it’s been on my must-do list since moving to LA to take a Sunday trip to the Melrose Trading Post – aka the hottest place to be in Los Angeles Sunday at noon. Both literally and figuratively.

First things first, everything looked…vintage – but not vintage in a way that costs $85 for a wooden table that honestly just looks like sh*t. I’m talking vintage in a way that costs only $1 for old travel maps, $4 for stained-wood picture frames, and $20 for 90s Levi denim shorts. This is the kind of vintage you and I have both been looking for. The kind that made me linger around the flea market for two hours sifting through the old racks of military jackets, asking vendors where they even got/hoarded all of their knick-knacks, and learning when and when not to barter.

On the downside, to keep it real, this is the first time I’ve ever had to pay to get into a flea market, which I remember being precisely the reason I went three years ago and turned around when I heard that. While the entrance fee used to be $2, it’s now been raised to $3, which I guess isn’t bad for the all good deals you eventually get. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, go for the people-watching. Most of the people at the Melrose Trading Post will probably be looking somewhere between boho-chic and badass…and as usual for Los Angeles, extremely stylish, beautiful, and I never get this one, well-moisturized? I’m totally serious. Meanwhile, I’m over here scarring my face from the fierce sun, and I even apply my SPF twice a day – tell me how that works.

Sit back, take a scroll through, and go visit any Sunday from 9am to 5pm. I strongly advise you to take a wide-brimmed hat or go super touristy on everyone and take your sun umbrella. Parking, as usual, is a nightmare. Have fun and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Santa Monica & Stingrays

By August 21, 2015 USA
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Ever since I ran into a huge white stingray while frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico, I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of open water – hence, why I haven’t been to the beach since I moved to Los Angeles a month ago. I’ve spent most of my time on the East side of LA, but that’s not to say I’m not a fan of West side, particularly Santa Monica – the westernmost, aka nearest to the beach, town of LA.

Although people tend to have mixed feelings about LA, most tend to agree on one thing when it comes to Santa Monica: it’s gorgeous. It’s idyllic. It’s exactly like everything you watched in Laguna Beach as a high schooler. The tourists flock to 3rd St Promenade or the Santa Monica Pier, the locals flock to the Sunday Farmers’ Market or the independent shops on Main St, and I flock the furthest away from the beach because of the potential sting rays. Yes, life really has become a “beach” for me at the beach.

But shortly after Jo ran into her ex from New York on the 3rd St Promenade, we decided it was necessary for her to take a cleansing bath in the Pacific Ocean with her newly-purchased boogie board…and maybe for me to take a cleansing bath of my irrational fear. Boogie board and longboard in hand, we took off!

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